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ImmigrantCIS: What we can do for your fast & easy immigration

Check Your Eligibility

Our regulated immigration consultants (RCICs) and immigration lawyers will check if you fit the immigration requirements and help you select the best immigration program for you.

Help You Find a Job

We collaborate with experienced Canadian career advisors who can help you write a CV, find a job and therefore increase your chances of success.

Speed up your application

We will guide you in each step, giving you professional tips and making sure you prepare your immigration profile fast and correctly.

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Top reasons to move to Canada in 2023!

Many well-paid jobs

Foreigners are welcome to work in Canada, get excellent benefits and high salaries. This year Canada needs workers more than ever!

support for immigrants

Canada is known as one of the most immigrant-friendly countries in the world. In 2023, it has a large budget for supporting newcomers. Once you get here, you'll feel it right away!

excellent quality of life

Canada is rated as one of the happiest, safest and most comfortable countries and proves its high rating every year!

opportunities for all

No matter if you are moving alone or with a family, Canada has something to offer to all: work, education, healthcare and more.

Plans & Pricing

How Much Will it Cost?

Assessment Fee

Single Candidates: €525

Couples/Families: €675*

*for the whole family, including children up to 21 years old

Total cost of the process can range between €3,000 and €5,000

based on our 10+ years of experience

3 Tips for a successful immigration to Canada

Increase your chances of success with our help

Our immigration agency offers the expertise of skilled immigration lawyers and regulated consultants (RCICs) to evaluate your immigration opportunities and suggest the best programs for you. With our guidance, increase your chances of success and achieve your Canadian immigration goals.

get extra points by increasing your english skills with us

Our immigration agency offers exam preparation services to help you stand out among other applicants, even if exams are not required for your program. Increase your chances of success and achieve your Canadian immigration goals through our language preparation services.

Get a Job Offer with Our Professional CV Revision Services

We understand the importance of a strong CV in securing a job offer from a Canadian employer. That’s why we offer professional CV revision and rewriting services to increase your chances of success in your job application and immigration journey. 

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