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Why Immigrant CIS is a reliable
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We Help You
Find a Job

We collaborate with experienced Canadian career advisors who can help you write a CV, find a job and therefore increase your chances of success.

We Check Your Eligibility and Provide Full Support

Our regulated immigration consultants (RCICs) and immigration lawyers will check if you fit the immigration requirements and help you select the best immigration program for you.

We speed up
your application

We guide you in each step, giving you professional tips and making sure you prepare your immigration profile fast and correctly.

Got immigration to Canada questions?
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1. Who can immigrate to Canada?

While Canada is open to immigrants and is famous for its loyal policies, there are some basic requirements every immigrant should meet. To get a more detailed answer specifically for your case, you will need to do an eligibility assessment with our RCIC.

2. Why do I need your services?

Our consultancy services are designed to help you navigate in the immigration process and make it easier for you. You are not required to hire a consultant, but many immigrants find it very helpful to have professional assistance during such an important life step.

3. Do you give 100% guarantees?

No immigration agency can give 100% guarantees. The final decision is always taken by the Canadian government. On our side, we do guarantee that our immigration consultants will do their best to ensure the quality of your application and provide you with all necessary guidance that you need in the immigration process.

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