About Us

Who are we?

We are an experienced immigration agency that helps immigrants from all over the world to move to Canada for various reasons: to work, to pursue their undergraduate or postgraduate studies, to travel, to reunite with families, or to start a new life as Canadian residents. Some of our clients immigrate alone, some come to Canada with partners, children and pets.

Some of our clients immigrate in as fast as 6 months, some take their immigration process slowly and take a few years before making a move. Adjusting our services to the needs of every client is one of our strengths. Be sure: whatever your objective is – we have the right service for you! 

Our immigration experts are ready to handle any kind of immigrant profile and find a personalized immigration solution for you. 

Why should you trust CIS?

Let’s just have a look at what our clients say about their experience with CIS.
We believe that reviews and testimonials speak louder than our own words.
So check out these CIS reviews:

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